7 Stellar Reasons to Live in Miami


Miami is a city of dualities: love/hate, sun/rain, fast paced/laidback.

It’s a city with a voodoo charm that continues to pull countless former residents and visitors alike back into its allure. Whether you’re an extreme person full of duplicities, or you’re someone who likes to see all the shades of grey, Miami has a little something for everyone!

1) It’s Name Is the Magic City

Miami isn’t called the “Magic City” for nothing. It has a sexy aura that far surpasses cities like Vegas. Miamians are akin to vampires – They usually only come out in the night, despite there being endless sunshine during the day. This city always has some big event happening 24/7, and you always find your niche in this city no matter where you’re from. If you feel like getting some fresh air and nature, the beach is always the spot to go 24/7 to breathe in the intoxicating seaspray and take a quiet stroll down the moonlit boardwalk. If you’re looking for a restaurant that’s open until 5am? Not a problem! If you want to find a club that’s poppin’ 24 hours, look no more. If you just wanna sit down a sip on a Cuban Cafecito at 3am you’ll always find a café that’s open just around the corner. Miami has a vibe that no other city in the world can match, and you’ll feel the restless energy running through you veins the minute you arrive. Miami is a city where things just happen, and so far throughout all my travels to various countries across the globe I have yet to find a city where life is as magical as Miami.


                                                                 View of South Beach at sunset

2) The Impeccable Skyline

The Miami skyline glistens and glitters in its ambience all into the early morning hours. One of our buildings (Intercontinental) has a curvy woman dancing all night long. The draw bridges extending over the vast teal ocean exude violet and crimson hues and the palmtrees flutter in the ocean breeze.




         3) The Art Scene is Like None Other

Everyone has heard of the epic art scene in cities like New York and Los Angeles, but Miami has become one of the global leaders in expanding its every thriving creative scene. Go to Wynwood on a drive and I guarantee you will come across masterpieces scattered in what used to be one of the most dangerous parts of the city where even the police wouldn’t dare venture. This once highly dangerous neighborhood transformed into the vestibule of all that is ‘art’ in the blink of an eye. Check out the cozy craft beer spots sprinkled along the main street (NW 2nd Ave) and the eye catching phrases written on all the sidewalks.


                                                                       The Miami art scene is world class

4) The Mixed Life

Miami is a diverse city, not just with its thriving cultures from all around the globe but also its mixed attitude. Miami is half high strung, stressed out and half laidback luke. Locals complain about the heavy traffic, working all the time and yet at the same time everyone still seems so relaxed. Could it be the year round sunshine, being surrounded by teal water and endless new places to explore? You tell me.

                               How can you feel stressed out when you can do this every weekend?

5) Appearances

Miami seems to be all about appearances, which for some can be a bit off putting. It’s all about the image you present here, and at times it seems we tend to overlook what’s below the tip of the iceberg. However my best argument for this is that everyone seems to be a little more health conscious and usually goes the extra mile to exercise regularly and take care of themselves. We also get 365 days of sun so there’s no excuse to be a pasty blob! There are many cities in the world where people just don’t seem to care as much about how appearances and take care of themselves less, and to me that’s just a recipe for misery and bitterness.


6) The Keys

It’s so easy to get a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the big city life and escape to some of the best spots for diving and snorkeling in the world! Drive just one hour south to the Florida Keys and you can catch some laid-back island vibes, eye a dreamy sunset and taste some zesty keylime pie, all while watching flashy tropical fish swimming right underneath your feet.


                                                                             Crystal clear FL keys

                                                                          Diving at Key Largo

7) Music Vibes

Miami is a city with a pulse of its own. Just walking down the beach scattered with pastel art deco gems and feeling the ambience everywhere, listening to the subtle catchy house tunes drifting from the open windows makes you want to relax and at the same time dance your ass off. Everywhere you go you’re bound to catch some romantic Latin melodies, exhilarating reggaeton, the latest hip hop and the deepest house beats.


Miami is home to Ultra Music Festival


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