The Ups And Downs of Solo Female Travel

You’ve been there, ladies. For those of you brave enough to venture out into the big wide world all by your lonesome, you know exactly what I’m talking about. From the endless questions, to the awkward situations, to the the harassment, the self doubt, and yes, even the danger.

For even the bravest ladies out there, traveling alone without a guy or trusted confidante by your side can at times throw you into fight or flight mode, and it ends up being one endless struggle. You could be harassed, stalked, ripped off, and a number of other horrendous things can happen to you while traveling solo. And sometimes, it can get downright lonely. Unfortunately, we ladies have to face a lot of things men never have to worry about when we travel alone, such as predators ready to pounce on us at a moment’s notice when we’re alone and least suspecting it.

So without further hesitancy, here’s a lively mix of some of the positives and negatives of traveling solo!


It takes guts to stand alone and hold your own, especially in a place like India




Feeling More Confident & Empowered


One of the greatest feelings of traveling alone is the feeling of empowerment knowing you’re strong enough to venture out into the unknown all on your own. It can be especially frightening when you’re traveling to a place vastly culturally different from your own, such as going from say, France to SE Asia.


Confidence is not Will they like me, Confidence is I’ll be Fine if They Don’t


Sometimes being alone is pure bliss


You feel more confident having overcome those inner feelings of fear and self doubt and taking the steps to moving forward with your plans to backpack solo. The feeling of strength and self affirmation makes your journey and incredible one, filled with delight and treasures you might not encounter if you were traveling with other people. Some of the most beautiful moments happened when I was traveling alone, I had the most interesting conversations, the weirdest and most wonderful experiences, and got to do some crazy things I know some of my friends would definitely not be down to try out.



The Danger


Let’s face it, traveling alone is dangerous enough, and traveling alone as a woman only adds to that danger. It seems like wherever you travel alone as a female, you’ve got to have a tough set of personal boundaries in place, otherwise you’re likely to be a prime target for predators who mean you nothing but harm. It really sucks, but unfortunately it’s still a man’s world and it’s just the name of the game when you’re traveling alone as a woman.


Creeps galore will harrass you in India, especially if you’re alone


You could face stalking, harassment, bullying, and being cheated or ripped off wherever you go, simply for being a woman alone. You could be a target for sexual predators and emotional manipulators, who see you traveling alone as a green light to pounce, thinking you’re vulnerable. I’ve unfortunately had these encounters one too many times, and at times was even stalked all the way to the next country I was traveling to, without even knowing it. Whenever I travel solo I always had all kinds of predators chasing me, trying to manipulate me into doing things I didn’t want to do. The bottom line, is you always need to have your guard up when traveling alone, and realize that not everyone you meet along your journey will have your best interests at heart.


Beware of the creepos who try and offer a helping hand when you’re traveling alone



The Loneliness


Loneliness can be a very subjective thing, and some of us can get more lonely than others when traveling solo. There are times when it doesn’t seem to bother you at all, but then you look over at the group talking and laughing and have a really fun time, and you think to yourself, that could be me! Sometimes all we have is a book and our own thoughts, but that’s truly all some of us actually need. It also sucks when it’s just you there to take your own photos, or you have to keep asking random strangers to take your photo for you. On the positive side, you’ll get a lot of time to ponder the meaning of life, all while having the fat lady in the sari snoring next to you with her bare feet right near..oh God..


You’ll get a hell of a lot of time to ponder the meaning of life if you travel by train in India


Yes, sometimes you will find yourself lost



The Freedom to Go Where You Want


The beauty of traveling solo is have the absolute freedom to be able to go wherever you want, when you feel like it! You don’t have to ask for anyone’s permission, you can just go ahead and do whatever it is you were planning on doing. If someone in the group isn’t feeling up to it, and would rather stay inside the hostel and drink and talk all day, instead of being held back you can just go with your own travel flow!


Sometimes it’s better to be alone than with people who make you feel lonely


I might not have had some of these incredible experiences with the locals in Bali had I not been alone


Getting Sick Sucks Even More


Getting sick while traveling in a far away foreign country sucks enough as it is, but getting sick when you’re alone is a whole different world in itself. You won’t have anyone there to bring you food or medicine, and you’ll have to rough out the worst of it alone. Once I got sick in Kyankumari, India. As if India isn’t hot enough already, I just so happened to be right at the Southern most tip of the country.


Sick and half dead


Not only was the heat excruciating, but it took all my strength to drag myself to a seedy alleyway doctor to get the medicine I desperately needed. I was dating a douchebag from Delhi at the time who was absolutely useless, and I was in crippling pain and had no one to turn to. I’d lost a ton of weight, and all the rapey stares I encountered just for walking down the street mixed with the blistering heat and nearly being pounced on and raped multiple times certainly didn’t help matters.


It’s Just More Adventurous


I don’t know about you guys, but when I travel I love to have a real adventure! I love going off the beaten track, where no man/woman would dare venture. And let’s face it, sometimes there will be more cautious, practical people in the group who wouldn’t be daring enough to try some of the crazy ideas you lay out on the table. This alone would prevent you from having the kind of adventurous experiences you’re really looking for.


Sometimes you just wanna go a little cray cray



The creepy pedo staring never stops


It’s More Expensive


Sometimes, sharing the expenses can be a good thing, and can help you curb a lot of daily costs, from everything from accommodation, to transport, to food expenses. Sometimes you can get a better room if you split the costs with you friends, rather than having the sometimes uncomfortable experience of sharing a hostel dorm with a bunch of strangers. The downside of this is that sometimes you may not get the choice of where you stay, where you eat, and what transport you take.


Sometimes a group pass can be helpful


And sometimes, two heads are better than one when trying to solve the intricate problems of traveling around foreign countries, from the language barriers, to the culture shocks, to the hastle of just trying to get around! But would I give up the freedom and adventure of being able to make my own choices when traveling, and being able to go wherever I want to when I feel like it? The answer is a big whopping no!


Sometimes it’s better to watch the sunrise like this


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