Discover the Best Kept Secrets of the Magic City

Ahh Miami, a celebritie’s paradise! The perfect place to escape to and see sultry tanned bodies strolling about, sipping on fresh mango mojitos while wearing their Versace shades, the fresh ocean breeze blowing through your hair as you cruise along Ocean Drive in your sizzling ride, watching all the beautiful people walk past you without a care in the world.

But with all the noise and hype about the Clevelander and South Beach, why not veer off the tourist road and check out some of Miami’s more subtle yet still exquisite gems? Having been a local Miamian for nearly two years, it didn’t take me long to get to know a few cool locals and figure out the best spots around town. So without further ado, here are some of Miami’s best behind the scenes hangouts..


The Broken Shaker


Head over to the eclectic Freehand hostel on 28th & Collins and experience the hottest cocktails in town at the Broken Shaker mixology bar, voted Best American Hotel Bar by Tales of Cocktails, and one of the World’s 50 Best Bars. Hands down the best drinks in Miami, and well worth the wait in the que.


This mixology bar has its own herb garden where drinks are made fast and fresh


Sip on your handcrafted drinks while swimming in a doughnut


I was an OG at this place since Day 1 when they first opened, and had a BBQ cookout to celebrate their grand opening. Since then, things have changed so much, and this place has gotten loads more publicity, but to me it’ll always remain the same down to earth, backyard hangout with the aromatic herb garden and subtle lights that give off a homely vibe in a stranger city.


Who wouldn’t turmeric with their margherita? Yum

Viscaya Museum


Looking for some culture amidst all the glitzy new that makes up most of Miami? Head to the Viscaya Museum on a sunny afternoon and stroll through the shady rose gardens and mazes filled with Roman baths and elegant marble statues.


Sunset at Vizcaya


Vizcaya was created as James Deering’s winter home in the 1900s and is now considered to be a National Landmark. The stunning landscape and architecture were influenced by Italian Rennaisance, and the museum is filled from floor to ceiling with European antiquities and treasures. The Viscaya gardens also make the perfect spot for a romantic walk or photoshoot.


Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple


This fabulous temple welcomes people from all faiths and all backgrounds. Three monks reside at the temple and give blessings to the members of the community. A strikingly beautiful bronze Buddha statue sits smiling in the middle of the temple. This special temple serves as a Buddhist Education Center to teach Thai language, culture, music, dance, customs and manner during the summer school break. Classes are open to the public and are held every Saturday and Sunday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. teaching meditation and Buddhism.


Monk blessings

Manatee Bend Park


If you’ve ever wanted to see a cute manatee or “sea cow”, then head to Manatee Bend Park. Located on the banks of the historic Little River, lies patch of green where you can chill and relax in the shade. Hordes of friendly manatees often hang out in the river, blissfully lolling around.




Hyde Beach Club


Not everyone likes the beach, so a good alternative is Hyde Beach Club, the hottest spot in Miami to go for some outrageous fun pool parties! See the ocean from the view of a pristine champagne pool filled with sexy party people from all over the world.


SLS Pool party


L.C. Roti Shop


I’m all for the local Trini hangouts, and this was one of my prime eats when I was living in Miami. This shop sells delicious, homemade Trinidadian eats. Get your spicy, tasty doubles pholourie dumplings while sipping on a savory Sorrel. Just follow a few simples rules: Cash only, no cell phones, and absolutely no forks!




Try out the perfect restaurant to truly bond in Miami. This cool shiek Thai restaurant truly comes alive at night, with pink disco lights and trendy hip hop blaring while you sip on mango sake at a table full of fresh roses and candlelight. The pad Thai is a must taste, along with the sushi. Just about everything on the menu tastes out of this world! The staff are super friendly (Rare for Miami) and always go over the top to make your special events even more special.


The best Thai in Miami



Bayfront Park


Miami can be an expensive city, some even say more expensive than New York or London, which is why it’s important to find free things to do when you can. It’s also important to find some green amidst a concrete jungle. Stroll past Miami’s magnificent skyline and watch the lazy yachts and cruise shops stroll down the teal blue ocean.



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