How to Spend A Week Day in London

If you’re like me and new to England, and one of the many who live outside London, it can sometimes be a hastle getting back before it’s too late and the trains are no longer running and you end up stuck. I recommend taking the bus, preferably National Express since you can get a discount card if you’re 26 or younger, and it will cost you way less than taking the train. You’ll also be able to see a lot more of the gorgeous countryside, and get more opportunities to take photos from the bus which you wouldn’t have if you took the train. I suggest walking down Buckingham Palace road from the Victoria station and checking out one of the many street food markets selling anything from Indian curries to Morroccan.


Hangin’ out in the Underground


Big Ben

I recommend starting your day by checking out the Westminster cathedral, a hidden gem that’s more off the beaten path and one of the best kept secrets in London. The sparkling golden mosaics lining the ceiling steal all your attention as you walk past all elaborate altars. From here you can walk a short distance and see the aged yet still alluring Westminster Abbey. Keep in mind there’s usually a long line to get in, so it’s best to get there as early as possible.  From here you can see the timeless Big Ben clock tower and walk across the Thames river and catch a glimpse of the magnificent London Eye.


London Underground

From here you can catch the tube at the nearest underground station and head to one of my top favorites, thee Camden market which includes over 1000 shops selling music, food, and the funkiest fashion.  Don’t miss out on the renowned World’s End pub to grab a pint of your favorite beer and catch up on some avant garde tunes.


Camden market has every kind of food you could dream of


Having a Mai Cai at Mahiki lounge


London Eye

If the pub isn’t really your scene, I suggest heading over to Mahiki, a posh underground tiki lounge with ambience to match the name. They have an exceptional list of cocktails to choose from. I suggest getting the Mai Cai, a perfect mix of bitter and fresh. This lounge often has superb live music lineups and turns into a club that’s popping until the late hours.


Love all the lion statues in London’s squares!


Coffee on a chilly day


If you don’t want to be travelling around London when the tubes shut down and don’t have to be back the same day, I’d recommend checking in at St. Christopher’s Inn hostel, ranked time and again as one of the world’s best party hostels. This hostel is clean and cheap and attaches to a multi level nightclub where the party goes on all night and you get to meet people from all over the world.


Colorful tunnels


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