All the Way Around the World

Bali, Indonesia

I started my 8 month backpacking adventure on the enchanting island, Bali. After making my way past customs I marveled all the beautiful intricate statues of Hindu gods and goddesses towering over me and touching the ceiling of the airport. Colossal Hannuman and Shiva statues stood high above as I made my way out of the airport. A strong sense of spirituality saturated the entire place, and I hadn’t even made it out of the airport yet. When I got my bags from baggage claim I noticed all the giant mosquitoes flying around. Reverting back to a paranoid mentality, I instantly thought about the possibility of getting malaria, then realized that I can’t even tolerate malaria medication anyway. A handful of security guards sat around with a relaxed look on their faces talking among each other, not even noticing the people walking by and not even bothering to scan their bags.


When I woke up the next morning, it wasn’t a dream after all


Already, Bali was so special to me. I walked outside with the driver into the humid night air. I decided to just give in and not try and negotiate with the taxi driver for a fair price, since I’d just been flying for over 28 hours and crossed so many time zones I could barely see straight. We drove through some dark alleys until we finally got to the hostel. A short man appeared and peered out at us from behind the bamboo curtain. I paid the driver the in Rupiah, and the night guard helped me carry my heavy bags to the reception office. He barely spoke any English, but managed to tell me that I could pay at the reception the next morning. He led me inside one of the rooms. I had zero energy energy left after that flight all the way around the world. I just fell down on the bed not knowing what day or time it was.


Fading Silhouettes

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